Can a toddler eat too many bananas?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question” can a toddler eat too many bananas” with an in-depth analysis of banana servings by age. Moreover, we are going to highlight health problems after eating too many bananas.

Can a toddler eat too many bananas?

If a baby is 4 months old, then you should not feed him more than ⅓ of a banana per day, then increase it to half of a banana for a nine months baby. The amount of one and a half bananas continues until the baby is two years old. If a baby is 1 year old, then he can eat a whole banana.

Recommended banana servings:

When a baby eats too many bananas, it will fill his tummy and he will not enjoy other foods. In this way, his diet will not be balanced.

Age Amount 
<4 months0
4-9 months⅓ per day
9-12 months½  per day
12-months+1 and ½ per day

Are bananas good for toddlers at night?

Bananas contain many nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and carbohydrates. They produce serotonin, which is a good source of tryptophan. Bananas contain high amounts of carbs which can make you sleepy. Blend banana into a smoothie for toddlers in the evening. Bananas can be easily digested, so they are good for them. 

Side effects of eating too many bananas:

No fat:

Bananas don’t contain fat, which is an essential nutrient for a toddler’s diet. Fat is essential for brain development and good health. 

Weight gain:

Eating too many bananas can increase weight as they have high contents of fiber and sugar. They are a high-calorie food. When you consume 2 bananas, then you will gain 300 calories.

Nutrient imbalance:

Bananas fill a toddler’s tummy. It is the biggest problem. Toddlers have tiny stomachs and they don’t leave space for other foods. Toddlers should have a balanced diet. After eating bananas, they will be unable to try other nutrient-rich foods and can’t maintain a balanced range of nutrients.


Bananas cause constipation and allergy, due to which difficulty in breathing can occur. Unripe bananas contain higher amounts of starch, so they are a big reason for constipation. If you are dehydrated, eating bananas will make you more constipated.

Digestive problems:

Bananas have higher levels of fiber which is not good for the digestive system. Large amounts of fiber can cause abdominal pain, gas, and bloating. So, always consume food that has a moderate amount of fiber.

Poor dental health problems:

Poor dental health can occur if bananas are eaten in excessive amounts. because they contain too much sugar. Eating too many bananas will cause teeth. The acid eats away tooth 

enamel and damages dental health. 

How to choose the best bananas for your toddler?

  • Buy organic bananas, as they are safe to eat. Because they are not treated with toxic chemicals.
  • It is best to buy green bananas and then take them home and allow them time to ripen. 
  • Make sure to never feed unripe bananas to your toddler
  • Buy fully yellow bananas
  • Store unpeeled bananas at room temperature.

Benefits of bananas:

  • Bananas contain higher amounts of minerals and vitamins such as calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. They all are important for the growth of toddlers.
  • Fibers are present in bananas which are very good for the digestive system of bananas.
  • You can easily buy them as they are of low cost.
  • Bananas can be used in many recipes such as cakes, cereals, and ice creams.

Percentages of minerals and vitamins per banana:

            Nutrients                   Amounts 
Calories 105
Fat 4 grams of total
Carbohydrates 27 grams of total
Protein 1.3 grams
Sodium 1.2 mg
Cholesterol 0 mg
Potassium 442 mg
Vitamin A1.5 % of daily value
Vitamin C17 % of daily value
Vitamin B620 % of daily value
Iron 1.7 % of daily value
Magnesium 6 % of daily value
Fiber 3 grams

Is it ok to give a banana to a baby daily?

It is ok to give a banana to a baby daily. But when your children reach the age where they can eat solid foods and you want to give them different nutrient-rich foods. The problem occurs here, as bananas fill children’s tummies and don’t leave room for other foods.

If your baby loves to eat bananas, then try to add bananas with other foods, so they can enjoy other foods also.  You can mix bananas with other healthy fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Here, you can find information about the nutritional and medical importance of bananas.


In this brief guide, we answered the question” can a toddler eat too many bananas” with an in-depth analysis of banana servings by age. Moreover, we discussed the health benefits of bananas and the health risks of eating them too much.


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