Can drinking vanilla extract hurt you?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “can drinking vanilla extract hurt you” with an in-depth analysis of the uses of vanilla. Moreover, we are going to discuss the health benefits of vanilla.

Can drinking vanilla extract hurt you?

No, drinking vanilla extract does not hurt you, it doesn’t make you sick but drinking a large amount of vanilla makes you uneasy and you might look drunk.

Drinking vanilla is not a good idea if you take care of your palate.

It does not cause a serious effect on your health but in some people, it may cause serious consequences like:


Skin irritation

Some people can affect seriously any drinking vanilla in a very large amount like:

  • Serious headache 
  • Sleep Disturbance 

What happens if you drink vanilla extract?

Vanilla is an important drink and serves as an important ingredient in many Western countries. It is used on many desserts sprinkled on many recipes. It drinks like a drink because it has a very small amount of alcohol that’s why it is used for alcohol intoxication. 

But excessive consumption of this drink causes:

  • Pupil dilation
  • Digestive issues 
  • Breathing difficulties 
  • Flushed skin
  • Hyperthermia 

What does vanilla extract make?

The vanilla extract contains 100 grams of vanilla beans and almost 36% alcohol. It is made up of merging many ingredients like soaking and then filtering vanilla beans in different solutions like water and alcohol. Other than many compounds added the main ingredient used for making vanilla economy is vanillin. 

Does drinking vanilla extract make you drunk? 

Yes, drinking vanilla extract in large amounts can make you drunk. It contains alcohol which in beer, liquor, and many other types of booze cause dizziness although it has less amount of alcohol like 35 to 36% which does not affect more like you drink 4 to 5 ounces it is sufficient for you to drink in very large amounts to make you drunk.

Are there any health benefits of vanilla extract?

Yes there are many health benefits of using vanilla in lifelike

  1. Relieves toothache
  2. Act as relaxant 
  3. Healthy lifestyle 

Relieves toothache:

Because the vanilla has antioxidant properties, it provides relief when directly applied to toothache and numbs the pain and nausea relief on the tooth side.

Act as a relaxant:

The exotic, warm, and heard smell of vanilla makes a crying and stressful mind calm. It can also help in reducing adult intoxicated sleep and also help to reduce startle reflexes.

Healthy lifestyle:

It is used in lifestyle because it is used to reduce weight and by replacing it with sugar you can replace the sugar and it helps to maintain the sugar level in the body and blood and also reduce the sugar craving.

What are the main nutrients in vanilla extract?

Vanilla extract contains high amounts of manganese and very little nutrition. It is used for weight loss because it does not contain fat and other nutrition which make you fat. It contains very few amounts of Magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, and phosphorus.

Is using pure vanilla extract healthy?

Using vanilla in other forms makes you healthy like using vanilla extract as a sugar substitute can control your blood glucose level and give you a better lifestyle. It is also used in many healthy lifestyles like numb the pain, and relieving tension.

What is the best way of using vanilla extract?

There are some precautions necessary when you use vanilla extract which is given below:

  • Never use vanilla at the start when you make a custard, avoid exposing it directly to heat, and put it at the end when cooking is finished. When cooking, keep in mind the complexity of the vanilla extract without losing the flavor in the process of cooking.
  • When you use vanilla in a baking process like cake, pudding and muffins add vanilla along with the egg and then beat the egg and vanilla well then use.
  • Then the best way to save and use for months is to make vanilla sugars from the vanilla pods, put these pods in a jar filled with brown sugar, and then you can enjoy the taste of vanilla for months in many different recipes.

Can vanilla extract be used in other recipes except baking?

Yes, you can use vanilla extract in other recipes. As you know vanilla is a staple ingredient used for baking like muffins, cupcakes, pudding cakes but it is also used in no baking desserts like in pies and smoothie-cocktail sail, tomato sauce grilling, and barbeque and craft coffee drinks more than 5 to 6 recipes more than baking which is given by clicking here.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “can drinking vanilla extract hurt you” with an in-depth analysis of the uses of vanilla. Moreover, we discussed the health benefits of vanilla.

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