Can I use tomato puree instead of tomato sauce?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “Can I use tomato puree instead of tomato sauce” with an in-depth analysis of the difference between tomato sauce and tomato puree. Moreover, we are going to discuss the shelf life of tomato puree and the recipe for tomato puree.

Can I use tomato puree instead of tomato sauce?

Yes, you can easily use tomato puree paste to replace tomato sauce. Tomato puree is a good substitute for tomato sauce in your different recipes. It is thicker than tomato sauce, it is very difficult to tell the difference in taste but pure tomato adds a refreshing taste to the recipe as compared to tomato paste.

What is a pure tomato?

For a thick sauce like tomato puree, the tomatoes must be boiled and this is the first step briefly before they must be strained. The peel and seeds of fresh tomatoes must be removed before mixing in a food processor on puree mode. To make tomato puree we have to put some effort into making a good paste. After that, you can also add salt and some citric acid like lemon juice, which are added while the tomatoes are being pureed.

What is the shelf life of pure tomatoes?

Freshly made tomato puree is available in cans and tubes at different grocery stores. After the tomato puree has been opened, it must be consumed or used immediately to avoid going bad or expiring. Because it has a short shelf life of canned tomato puree, tomato puree in a tube may last for up to a month or more.

Can the consistency of tomato puree or tomato sauce enhance the taste?

Yes, the consistency enhances the taste of food, and taste intensity is the one that sets tomato puree apart from tomato paste. The thicker the paste and more flavorful the recipe will be, it depends on the consistency level. Tomato paste, tomato puree, and tomato sauce are the three thickest ingredients and make the paste of our recipe thick.

What is tomato sauce?

Because of consistency, canned tomato sauce resembles tomato puree, but it is thinner. To enhance the taste, it’s sometimes prepared with tomato puree and water or other spices. And garlic, onion, basil, and oregano are used for seasonings that enhance the flavor of tomato sauce. Tomato sauce has a higher acid content as compared to tomato paste. Tomato paste contains a sweeter flavor but this won’t be as sweet.

What is the difference between tomato puree and tomato sauce?

Tomato sauce has a silky texture and a little sweetness in taste. Tomato purée is a thicker paste of whole or crushed canned tomatoes firstly boiled down to a puree. You can also use crushed or full canned tomatoes instead of purée in recipes that are used for puree.

How to prepare tomato puree at home?

Ingredients for the preparation of tomato puree are:

●     5 tomato paste

●     Water

●     Saucepan

●     Blender

Steps for preparing tomato sauce:

●     First, clean the tomatoes well with water. This recipe is for 1 kg of tomatoes. You can even make the puree with 250 grams or 500 grams of tomato paste. Use a paring knife or a small ½ inch criss-cross cut on the base of the tomatoes.

●     Now take a large pan and put water in it. The water should be enough for the tomatoes. We can use 2 liters of water for 1 kg of tomatoes. Make sure the tomatoes have enough space for movement and are not overcrowded in the pan. It can affect our recipe.

●     Then add salt to the pan. You should add 2 teaspoons of salt. You can easily halve or double the salt according to your taste or the number of tomatoes you are using for the recipe.

●     Let the water come to a  boil on a high flame.

●     After that gently place the tomatoes in the hot water. Cook the tomatoes  on high flame in the hot boiling water for 2 minutes.

●     Then slow the flame and let the tomatoes be in the hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. Cover the pan and do not put the tomatoes in cold water, but if you want you can do that. Boil the tomatoes for 2 minutes in hot boiling water and then put them in cold water for 2 minutes.

●     Using a strainer strain the tomatoes. Let them become warm or cool completely at room temperature and then peel them off.

●     By using a clean chopping board and a clean knife and with clean hands, chop the tomatoes roughly. If you have a good blender you can just throw in whole tomatoes in it. And blend them completely.

●     Place a bowl or pan in a juice strainer. Add the tomato pulp to the strainer and strain them.

●     Put our homemade tomato puree in a sterilized glass jar. You can boil the jar and lid in hot boiling water for 5 minutes or rinse the jar and lid with hot water.

●     Then add the homemade tomato puree to any dish or where you want to bring some good flavor to the food. For canned tomato puree, pour the tomato puree into sterilized canning jars. Seal the jars and boil them in hot water for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove and let them cool in the refrigerator.

Conclusion :

In this brief guide, we answered the question “Can I use tomato puree instead of tomato sauce” with an in-depth analysis of the difference between tomato sauce and tomato puree. Moreover, we discussed the shelf life of tomato puree and the recipe for tomato puree.

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