Can oat milk go bad?

In the brief guide, we are going to answer the question ‘Can oat milk go bad’ with a deep analysis of what health consequences.

Can oat milk go bad?

Yes, oat milk can go bad. Unfortunately, if oat milk is not properly stored, it can go bad after its expiration date. After a certain amount of time, the texture, color, taste, and smell of oat milk will begin to change.

How to make oat milk?


  • 1 pound rolled oats
  • 4 quarts of water
  • shaved sea salt
  • A specific date
  • Extract of vanilla
  • Cacao flour
  • Berries


In a high-speed mixer, combine 1 cup of rolled oats and 4 cups of water. Blend them for 40-50 seconds before straining with a clean T-shirt or towel. To add more flavor, blend in sea salt, a date, vanilla extract, cacao powder, and berries.

How can I tell if my oat milk has gone bad?


Fresh oat milk should be smooth and silky, but if it becomes thicker or lumpy, it is a sure sign of spoilage. Pour a small amount of oat milk into the sink; if you see chunks or an uneven texture, your milk has most likely gone bad.


The color of oat milk is creamy white. If the color of the oat milk changes to yellow or light brown, it has gone bad. The presence of a yellow tint indicates that your milk is no longer fit for consumption. This does not apply to naturally coloured flavored or infused oat milk. If you see mold formations, you have spoiled oat milk on your hands.


Every plant milk smells different from animal milk, but you’ll know how oat milk smells once you make it or buy it. If the smell changes to a sour scent, it is time to discard the oat milk.


The taste of oat milk is surprisingly similar to that of cow’s milk, but it is slightly lighter. It is also much sweeter than any other plant milk. If the taste of the oat milk changes and it becomes stale or sour, it has gone bad.

If oat milk sits in your fridge for more than 7 days after it’s been opened, it’s probably gone bad, but before you throw it away, give it a taste or smell to ensure it’s not spoiled.

What happens after 7 days of drinking oat milk?

Almost nothing. Shelf-stable oat milk should be consumed within seven days of opening, but it can be kept for a few days longer. In most cases, oat milk can be consumed up to 10 days after it has been opened. However, before you try it, pour some oat milk into a glass and inspect it for signs of spoilage.

Is curdled oat milk harmful?

When added to hot coffee or tea, for example, oat milk can curdle in the same way that cow’s milk does. This is the acidity level; the higher the acidity, the more likely the oat milk will curdle. When oat milk is expired, it may curdle in some cases, but as long as it’s not bad, it’s perfectly safe to drink.

Is it possible to get sick from expired oat milk?

Yes, drinking sour oat milk can make you sick. As previously stated, unopened shelf-stable oat milk can be used for months after its expiration date, but only if properly stored and the carton of oat milk is not damaged or swollen. Because opened oat milk is exposed to air, it can come into contact with bacteria and other pathogens.

Oat milk loses nutritional value once opened, so it’s best to consume it while it’s still fresh, but as long as it’s not spoiled, you can drink or use it without concern.

What can I make with old oat milk?

If you have expired oat milk that is not spoiled, you should not throw it away because there are many ways to use it.

Use it in your body skincare routine 

Expired oat milk can easily be added to your skincare routine because it has numerous benefits for your skin, including making it look lighter, smoother, and younger. Simply pour some oat milk into your bath, or use it to make soaps or bath bombs.

Make a face mask or a natural acne treatment 

Simply heat the oat milk on the stove until it thickens. Leave the mask on your face for 15 minutes before removing it.

Make child-safe glue

 If your children enjoy playing with paper mache, you can thicken oat milk and use it for fun games.

Use it to remove odors from your clothes and furniture

Oat milk effectively removes odors from your pets’ or baby’s vomit.


In the brief guide, we discussed answering the question ‘Can oat milk go bad’ with a deep analysis of what health consequences are present behind it.


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