Can rose water go bad?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question” can rose water go bad” with an in-depth analysis of its method of preparation. Moreover, we are going to highlight its shelf life and methods of storing it.

Can rose water go bad?

Yes, rose water can go bad. If it contains a preservative or was made with distilled water, then it may last about 6 months. If it was made with tap water and no preservative, it’s only good for a few weeks and that’s if you keep it refrigerated.

If the color of rose water has changed, or if it has a strange smell then it means that your rose water has expired.

How to make rose water?

There are two basic methods for making rose water, infusing and distilling. 


Submerge rose petals in water and simmer covered them using a bowl in the center. This method is used to catch the droplets of condensation that fall (also called the steam method). Steam distilling is a method that produces a clear shelf-stable rose “hydrosol”.


Submerge rose petals in water and heat until color and fragrance infuse into the water (also called the heat or the simmer method). Hot water infusing is a method that produces rose tea. Rose tea is perishable and must be used quickly.


  • Rose petals from fresh, fragrant roses. If you are making rose water for culinary or beauty purposes then try to use preservative-free blooms. 
  • Distilled water prevents pesticides and bacteria and is necessary for culinary and beauty use but not as important for fragrance and linen sprays

Infused rose water step by step instructions:

  • Prepare rose petals. Remove petals discarding bulbs, leaves, and stems. Rinse them and remove any little dirt or debris from them.
  • Put all petals into a large stockpot and cover with distilled water.
  • Heat over medium until just simmering. Then reduce to slightly below. Carefully look after it to prevent boiling the water. If there is too much heat, it will destroy the beneficial compounds of roses.
  • When rose petals have lost most of their color, then Strain through a wire mesh strainer.
  • Push on the petals to remove liquid.
  • For making it a breeze pour later, you should strain directly into a spouted container.
  • Meanwhile, clean and sanitize glass jars and spray bottles before filling them with rose water.
  • Refrigerate and use it within one month. Or, to defrost it, freeze it in ice cube trays and use it within a year.

How long does rose water last?

For homemade rose water, the shelf life of rose water depends on the method you used during its preparation. If you want to use the simmering method to make your rosewater, then its shelf life will be approximately 2 weeks.

If you used the distillation process to make your rosewater, stay assured that you can keep it in your pantry for up to 6 months. Use your sense of smell and taste to know whether the rose water has gone bad or not.

How to know if rose water has gone bad?

If you feel any off, wooden-like smell to it, then your rose water has expired. You might also notice green or brown color.

If your rose water has turned green or yellow, it’s a sign that rose water has gone bad.

If both the smell and the appearance seem to be in order, it is suggested to patch-test it on a small part of your skin, usually on the wrist to check it. Rub a bit of the concoction in and wait approximately 24 hours. If you are noticing any type of redness, flaking, patchiness, or irritation on the spot where you used it after a full day, make sure to discard the rose water.

How to store rose water?

If you want to make your store-purchased rose water last longer, then properly store it. Bright sunlight speeds up the decay process. Due to which cosmetics expire. It changes the natural chemical balance of ingredients used in making rose water.

Use The Best Roses:

Always use the best rises to make your rose water last longer. If you want a strong, fresh rose. Then take the damask variety. Your petals should not have any sign of decay or browning to them.

Ensure You Follow The Right Recipe:

If you don’t process your rose water correctly, it can go bad very quickly.

Keep Air Out:

Cover your rose water in sealed bottles. You should keep your DIY rose water in a bottle or spray container.

Here, you can find more about rose water.


In this brief guide, we answered the question” Can rose water go bad?” with an in-depth analysis of its method of preparation. Moreover, we discussed its shelf life and methods of storing it.

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