Can Tapatio go bad?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question” Can Tapatio go bad?” with an in-depth analysis of signs of Tapatio sauce spoilage and its shelf life.

Can Tapatio go bad?

Yes, Tapatio can go bad. Tapatio does not have an exact date of expiration but customers should consume it within the first 2 years of its manufacturing date. After passing the expiration date, it can go bad like other sauces. The bottle of Tapatio hot sauce which is unopened and stored in a cool, dry, and dark place usually has a shelf life of 2-3 years.

What is Tapatio sauce?

Tapatio sauce is known as Mexican snack food. It is a spicy corn chip that is covered in cheese sauce. 

How to know that Tapatio has gone bad?

The best way to know if Tapatio has gone bad or not is by smelling it. If Tapatio has an off odor, taste, and appearance, then you should discard it.

Presence of mold:

If you see any mold on its surface, or if it gives a moldy smell, then you should discard it. Tapatio sauce that is contaminated with mold spores, or other microorganisms, might develop an off-odor taste, and smell. And you can see mold on the surface.

Off smell:

Usually, there is not one set smell of hot sauce, as there are hundreds of flavors of hot sauce out there. If your hot sauce smells yeasty, fermented, or off in any other way, just discard it.


If your hot sauce is darkening and turning brown, then it is completely normal. But if you notice any significant changes in texture and appearance, then throw it out.

Off taste:

If your sauce tastes plain bad, then discard it. It is not possible to use. 

Shelf life of hot sauce:

In the pantryIn the fridge
Hot sauce bottle(Unopened)Best by +2 years
Hot sauce bottle(Opened)3-6 monthsApproximately 2 years
Homemade hot sauce (Containing fresh peppers)1 to 3 weeks
Homemade hot sauce(Containing fermented peppers)2 to 3 months

How to store Tapatio sauce?

At room temperature:

  • Keep your unopened Tapatio sauce bottle away from sunlight and any source of heat. keep it in a place that is cool and dark.
  • Keep it in a pantry or cabinet of the kitchen that is away from the stove and oven. Once you have opened the Tapatio sauce bottle, keep it sealed tightly when it is not in use. 
  • Never dip your chicken wings and fries directly in the hot sauce bottle. It becomes the reason to transfer contaminants and bacteria into the container. 

In the fridge:

  • Most hot sauces don’t require refrigeration after opening them. If you put a hot sauce bottle in the fridge rather than keeping it at room temperature, it will retain the freshness and quality for longer.
  • If you see a label on the bottle like “ refrigerate after opening”, put it in the fridge. You should keep the hot sauce chilled. 
  • But there are some hot sauces, which change their color over time when they are not kept in the fridge like Tabasco.
  • Sometimes an opened bottle of hot sauce can go bad if it is not refrigerated.

Where is the heat coming from?

Black pepper or peppercorns:

Peppercorns are known as dried berries from the Piper nigrum plant. They  are mostly  used in many cuisines around the world. They are also used in Indian curries, Chinese cuisine, Italian dishes, Mexican dishes, Middle Eastern dishes, Scandinavian dishes, and other cuisines. Pepper is used in many ways in different cultures around the world.

In India, peppercorn is used as a spice in different types of chutneys, pickles, and sauces. It is also used in various types of drinks such as tea and coffee. In China, they are frequently used in soups and stews.

Hot peppers or capsaicin:

Hot peppers are not only delicious but also very healthful. Capsaicin is that compound that is found in hot peppers that gives them their heat. It helps to reduce pain and inflammation. However, capsaicin also plays an important role in weight loss. According to research published in the Journal of Nutrition, capsaicin helps to boost metabolism and  burns body fat. 


Allicin is a compound that is found in garlic and onions. It is responsible for the significant smell of these two vegetables. Garlic contains about 0.3% allicin in it  while onions contain approximately 1% allicin.

Here, you can find information about signs of spoilage of Tapatio sauce.


In this brief guide, we answered the question” Can Tapatio go bad?” with an in-depth analysis of signs of its spoilage. Moreover, we discussed its shelf life.


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