Can you cook an egg with just hot water?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “Can you cook an egg with just hot water” with an in-depth analysis of how to cook an egg with just hot water. Moreover, we will have a brief discussion about whether it is safe to cook eggs in the microwave.

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Can you cook an egg with just hot water?

You can cook an egg in just hot water, what you gotta do is to bring the water to a boil and then add your raw egg to it. Allow the egg to sit for 30 minutes in the pan of hot water, covered to keep the heat in.

Depending on the ambient temperature and pressure, the egg could take anywhere from 30 minutes to more than an hour to cook.

Because eggs contain the Salmonella bacteria, a food-borne bacteria that can cause food poisoning and subsequent health problems, they should be thoroughly cooked.

Cooking an egg in hot water rather than over an open flame is a good idea because tender eggs require a low temperature. Using high heat and boiling temperatures, on the other hand, results in hard, rubbery whites and a green yolk.

To make the method work, make sure the water temperature reaches and maintains the boiling point before you drop your egg in.


If you’re using a small pan and only want to cook one or two eggs, heat 2 cups of water. The general rule is to make sure the eggs are completely submerged in water; otherwise, you risk partially cooking the eggs.

Place the egg into the pot of boiling water with care. To avoid injury, use caution when handling hot water. Furthermore, when adding the egg with a spoon or your hand, be gentle and slow, as an impact could break the shell.

Instead of using a traditional stove, an electric kettle that shuts off automatically works better, saving you the trouble of keeping track of the egg as it cooks.

Replacing the water after it cools down is another way to boil the egg. If you don’t have access to a stove, fill a pan or a ceramic bowl halfway with hot water, add your egg, and cover to keep the heat in. When the water appears to have cooled, you can replace it with another hot batch.

When you remove the egg from the water in which it was cooked, the temperature will be safe enough for you to remove it and peel it without allowing it to cool. If not, run cold water over the egg to cool it down. 

Washing eggs while peeling them, on the other hand, is a good way to ensure that all residues and the egg’s skin are removed.

Is it safe to cook eggs in the microwave?

Microwaved eggs are just as healthy as oven-cooked eggs, if not more so. A microwave can help you get the most nutrition out of an egg depending on how long you cook it and what you cook it with. 

Microwaves, on the other hand, cook food faster and expose nutrients to heat for a shorter period.

Is it possible to eat raw egg yolk?

Raw egg yolks and whites are extremely gentle on the digestive system, and as long as the egg is of good quality and freshness, they are completely safe to consume. The key to avoiding salmonella in eggs is to buy them fresh and use them within a certain time frame.

Which eggs can you store in the freezer?

According to FDA guidelines, only certain types of eggs are safe to freeze. The texture of the egg yolk is harmed by freezing raw, shelled eggs.

The yolk turns into a gel and is no longer suitable for cooking or baking. Furthermore, raw eggs can crack during freezing and are more likely to become contaminated.

After thawing, hard or soft-boiled eggs release water. Furthermore, their egg whites become rubbery.

As a result, whole eggs cannot be frozen for poached eggs. After hard-boiling, if the raw egg with its shell intact manages to freeze well without cracking, you can use it. The gel-like consistency of the egg yolks can be hidden by hard-boiling them.

Cooked mixed egg dishes (casseroles, quiches, etc.) freeze well, as do shelled and whisked raw whole eggs, raw egg whites, and raw egg yolks.

Before using a frozen egg in cooking or baking, make sure it isn’t spoiled. If the texture of the eggs is strange or if they have a sulfur-like odor, toss them out.


In this brief guide, we answered the question  “Can you cook an egg with just hot water” with an in-depth analysis of how to cook an egg with just hot water. Moreover, we also have a brief discussion about is it safe to cook eggs in the microwave.


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