Can you cook raw chicken in the soup?

In the brief guide we are going to answer the question ‘can you cook raw chicken in the soup’ with an in-depth analysis of how we prepare it.

Can you cook raw chicken in the soup?

Yes, you can cook raw chicken in the broth, but this is not the ideal approach to cook the chicken because cooking raw chicken in the soup has several drawbacks. Adding raw chicken to the soup is not at all nutritious. Do not boil the chicken in the soup; this will result in the soup overcooking and imparting an off-taste. It’s fine if it’s a little underdone when you put it in the soup. In this situation, the chicken can continue to simmer in the soup and provide flavor.

How do you determine the chicken is safe to eat?

  • Raw chicken can be dangerous even if it doesn’t smell bad. To avoid getting sick, consider several factors. Chilled chicken should not be eaten more than two days after the best before date. If raw chicken has been left at room temperature for more than two hours, throw them out, as it can contain dangerous bacteria. 
  • Bad chicken can also become slimy or lose its pink color. If you have any doubts about its safety, do not cook or eat the chicken.

How can you do chicken handling and storage?

For safe and fresh chicken, handle it with care. Keep your refrigerator at 0 degrees F or below to inhibit bacterial growth. If you won’t eat raw chicken for several days, freeze it for up to a year. Buy chicken when you bring it home so it doesn’t lose the fridge for long. If you can’t get home right away, put a cooler full of ice in the trunk of your car to keep the meat cold.

How do you defrost frozen chicken?

To prevent the frozen chicken from smelling bad or becoming unsafe to eat, it must be defrosted properly. Defrosting chicken in the refrigerator is safe and easy, but it takes at least a day. Chicken can also be defrosted in the microwave or placed in a sealed plastic bag and thawed in cold water. With one of these quicker methods, cook the chicken in no time.

How do you cook in a pot?

  • It is considered safe to put raw chicken in a pot along with other uncooked ingredients because all  bacteria will be destroyed when the dish reaches 160 degrees F. When simmering on the stove, the chicken reaches safe internal temperature after 30 minutes for boneless chicken, 

0 minutes for boneless breasts, and 5-50 minutes for thighs, thighs, and wings.

  • Water boils at 212 F, which means slow simmering for 50 minutes or more will cook your chicken to a safe internal temperature of 165F. Unlike a pot on the stovetop, a slow cooker heats from the sides. 
  • To make sure your raw chicken is cooked to a safe internal temperature, set the cooking temperature to high – above 165 F – for the first 60 minutes of cooking, and do not do anything that could reduce the heat. degree. For example, do not add frozen vegetables or lift the lid, it takes 20 minutes to recover the waste heat, putting dishes at risk of food safety and extending the required cooking time. Always cook your chicken and rice dishes to maintain internal temperature before storing them.


  • Reduced-sodium Swanson’s Natural Goodness chicken broth
  • 2 cups white wine, dry
  • 2 cup water
  • Sprigs of mixed herbs (thyme, oregano, rosemary) strung together with kitchen twine
  • a handful of fresh basil leaves, chopped
  • 8 bone-in chicken thighs (skinned)
  • 1 (16 oz.) package Egg noodles from Reames 
  • 2-3 garlic cloves, diced or crushed in a press
  • 1 large yellow onion, peeled and chopped 3-4 stalks celery, including leaves, peeled and chopped 3-4 carrots, peeled and cut
  • fresh flat-leaf parsley, chopped
  • pepper, freshly ground


  1. Combine broth, wine, water, a bunch of herbs, and chopped basil in a large pot. Add chicken and cook over medium heat until chicken is cooked through for about 30 minutes. Do not boil or overcook the chicken. If it’s a bit overcooked when you take it out, that’s okay – the chicken can continue to cook when it’s added back to the soup later.
  1. Remove thighs from broth, allow to cool and shred meat, remove bones, remove fat with scum or texture; set aside. If all the herb leaves have fallen from their stems, remove the weeds. Otherwise, cook longer with vegetables.
  1. Meanwhile, cook noodles according to package directions, drain and rinse thoroughly in cold water, stirring and draining to remove much of the starch. Set aside.
  1. Add garlic, onion, celery, and carrot to the broth and simmer until all vegetables are tender. Stir-fry chicken with minced parsley. To serve, place a handful of noodles in each bowl and pour the soup on top; Garnish with a little black pepper.


In the brief guide we discussed answering the question ‘can you cook raw chicken in the soup’ with an in-depth analysis of how we prepare it.


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