Can you eat thc distillate

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “Can you eat thc distillate?” with an in-depth analysis of “Can thc distillate be smoked or ingested”?Moreover, we are going to discuss the edible ways to use thc distillate.

Can you eat thc distillate?

Yes! Thc distillate can be eaten. It is found in several commercially marketed cannabis edibles. A little amount of thc distillate is added to the edibles and it wouldn’t affect the taste of the recipe.

For example, you can add a small amount of thc distillate In making batter for the brownies.

The addition of thc distillate wouldn’t affect the taste, consistency and even the smell of the batter and brownies.

What is thc distillate?

Tetrahydrocannabinol(thc) is extracted from the cannabis to produce the thc distillate.

This thick oil is available in a variety of colours ranging from clear to Amber.

All the plant lipids and terpenes are removed from this oil during its production.

How is thc distillate made?

The distillate is made from cannabis by the process of distillation.

Special distillation equipment is used for this purpose.

In the process of making thc distillate;

  • The crude oil is extracted from the cannabis and passed through the distillation process.
  • In the distillation process, crude oil is heated until it evaporates.
  • Then this vaporized oil is captured.
  • In this way, 100% pure, translucent and viscous thc is produced.

How can Thc distillate be used?

This oil can be used in a variety of ways but inexperienced people should avoid using it.

The distillate has a higher potency than other concentrators which makes it intensely high with less product.

So, you should be careful while using it.

A word of caution is provoked by the usage of thc distillate, that’s why people prefer to use it more than any other concentrator.

Can thc distillate be smoked?

One of the most preferred ways to use the thc distillate is to vapourize it and inhale its vapours.

However, if you want to smoke the thc distillate, you will require an e_nail or dab ring.

Some of the vape pens and vaporizers are also used for vaping the thc distillate.

For this purpose,the thc distillate is heated to a temperature to vaporize it well.

It is also added to the cannabis flower and it increases the Thc in your smoke.

How can you cook with thc oil?

When you are using thc oil in your recipe, you should be very careful about not using too much of it.

You should always notice the number of servings in a dish and add the thc oil accordingly.

For example, if you are making ten servings of the brownies,you should add the thc oil for 10 servings equally.

If you are adding 10mg of thc distillate for the one serving of brownies, you should add 100mg of it for 10 servings.

Do people ingest thc oil?

Yes! People ingest thc oil and you can do so too.

But most people prefer sublingual dosing rather than ingesting it.

Because in the case of sublingual dosing,the effect of it can be recognised within 15 to 30 mins.

However, if you are swallowing any kind of cannabis edible, it will take 30 to 60 mins to show its effect.

What are the edible ways to use thc distillate?

Some of the edibles options to use the thc distillate are given below;

Use in hot drinks:

If you don’t want to add sweet, fattening edibles or smoke, the THC distillate is a good alternative for you.

You can easily infuse the thc distillate In your drink and start your day on a high note.

As thc distillate is thick and sticky that’s why you should prefer to add it in a hot drink rather than a cold one to melt it.

It can be added to tea, coffee etc.

Taking it straight through your tongue:

You can use thc distillate by dropping it straight on your tongue.

But make sure to not use too much of it as it has high potency.

Use in honey and syrups:

You can use the thc distillate to infuse it in the honey and syrups.

The infusion of thc in honey and syrups is quite easy.

But make sure to use an emulsifier such as lecithin to prevent the separation of cannabinoids from the mixture.

You have to eat the syrup or honey and add the lecithin and thc distillate it.

Then stir it until it mixes well.

Here are other ways to use the THC distillate in your mac, cheese, Grammys and hard candy.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “Can you eat thc distillate?” with an in-depth analysis of “Can thc distillate be smoked or ingested”?Moreover, we discussed the edible ways to use thc distillate.


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