Can you get sick from eating kimchi?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “can you get sick from eating kimchi ” with an in-depth analysis of the side effects that occur by eating kimchi. Moreover, we are going to discuss how to eat kimchi and also the benefits of eating kimchi.

Can you get sick from eating kimchi?

Yes, you can get sick from eating large quantities of kimchi. Kimchi is a food prepared by the process of fermentation and in the fermentation process, there are chances of contamination in it like salmonella and E.coli which cause diseases like food poisoning and other foodborne diseases.

How is kimchi made?

Kimchi is a Korean origin dish that is made by the fermentation process. The fermentation of vegetables that are salty like Korean radish and cabbage. These vegetables are fermented for a season and then served with fish sauce, chili powder, oysters, garlic and salt, scallion, etc.

Moreover, it can be served with a thick paste or rice flour and there are two types of kimchi: non-vegetarian kimchi and vegetarian kimchi.

Is it safe to eat kimchi daily?

If you eat kimchi daily you get a 50% chance of stomach cancer. This theory is said by Kim to hear who is a person in the preventive medicine department at a university of Korea and also an author. If you are a heavy eater of kimchi you have more chances to get an infection.

What side effects occur from eating kimchi?

If the kimchi you eat has contamination like molds growing on the sides of kimchi you get sick and a bacteria mycotoxin can cause food poisoning which symptoms are nausea, diarrhea, and heavy food poisoning. This is only possible when kimchi is not stored properly or contamination occurs during packing and also the storage process.

Most fermented foods are not harmful and safe to eat but kimchi may get contaminated by E.coli which is not friendly to the gut and can cause a serious type of food poisoning which is fetal.

Sometimes eating kimchi causes bloating for a short time. It is because in kimchi probiotics are present which kill all the harmful bacteria present in the gut and through which some types of gasses are released. Some people might face serious bloating which is painful in some cases.

It is unsuitable for people who have high blood pressure because it has high amounts of sodium which cause heart disease in the history of stroke. 

Long-term use of kimchi causes gastric cancer according to a study conducted by the Korean people.

Eating kimchi is unsuitable also for those people who have irritable bowel syndrome. It is a type of disease in which people have irritation from garlic and have difficulty digesting it. 

In the kimchi high amounts of oligosaccharides are present which are present in garlic which is fermented and is difficult to digest for irritable bowel syndrome people, these results cause gas and diarrhea in this type of people.

Some people have weak immune systems and they have adverse effects from eating probiotics and kimchi contain high amounts of probiotics. 

So eating kimchi can cause serious complications in people who have an immune system. Sepsis endocarditis and pneumonia are some complications that occur in such types of cases.

Fermented Kimchi has a high amount of histamine. So people who experience histamine intolerance cannot eat kimchi without getting a headache and migraines. And all the fermented food contain a high amount of histamine so eating this kind of food can cause moor server problems:

  • Low blood pressure 
  • Aggressiveness
  • Anxiety 
  • Irregular heart rate 
  • And dizziness

What are the benefits of eating kimchi?

Eating kimchi moderately are good for our health and quite beneficial:

  1. In Kimchi, probiotics are present which is good for our gut. This is useful to balance the bacteria present in the gut and help digestion easily.
  1. Kimchi is good because it reduces the cholesterol level in the body but scientists still don’t know which ingredient helps to reduce the cholesterol level.
  1. Because it contains high fiber and low calories snacks it helps to reduce the fat and also reduces the blood sugar level.
  1. It also improves brain health. The gut and the brain enteric nerve system are interlinked with each other and if the gut system becomes good from kimchi then automatically the brain system also improves.

To know more about kimchi.

What is the process of eating kimchi safely?

  • If you are new to eating kimchi, then for the first time eat only one tablespoon. Because it is a good idea to let your body know about kimchi and the probiotics in your gut before eating more kimchi.
  • When you prepare kimchi, try to store it in the refrigerator and store it in a sterilized container and eat it within 1 month after not eating it.
  • Eating kimchi with only 15 to 21 grams is safe and helps to reduce blood sugar levels.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “can you get sick from eating kimchi ” with an in-depth analysis of side effects that occur by eating kimchi. Moreover, we discussed how to eat kimchi and also the benefits of eating kimchi.


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