Can you substitute cook and serve pudding for an instant in a recipe?

In this short guide, we are going to answer the question “ can you substitute cook and serve pudding for an instant in a recipe?” with an in-depth analysis of pudding. Also, we will discuss Instant pudding vs cook-and-serve and which is better.

Can you substitute cook and serve pudding for an instant in a recipe?

Yes, you can substitute cook and serve pudding for an instant in a recipe. The core ingredients of these puddings are nearly identical.

The main difference between the two is that the fast pudding uses modified starch as a thickening, whilst the cook-and-serve pudding uses conventional starch. 

How much milk do you need for instant pudding?

To create the pudding, stir together 2 cups milk and 12 cups instant pudding mix in a medium pot over high heat.

Does instant pudding contain eggs?

There are no eggs, milk, or animal products in Jell-O quick pudding mix or their heat and serve pudding mix, as you can see from the ingredients list above. If you add milk, as directed in the guidelines, it will no longer be vegan.

Instant pudding vs cook-and-serve 


Cook-and-serve pudding can take up to an hour to fully set. The instant pudding, on the other hand, is ready and set in a matter of minutes, as the name implies.

The exact setting time of the pudding varies by brand, but instant pudding is unquestionably the one that requires the least amount of prep time.


Cook-and-serve pudding produces superior results in terms of final product flavor. The flavor of the cake is more prominent. Instant pudding is convenient to make, but it has drawbacks. The same handcrafted vibes you get from a cake prepared with cook-and-serve pudding may not be present in an instant pudding cake.


In terms of texture, instant and cook-and-serve pudding have varied results. Both forms of pudding seem similar in powder form, but the effects are different.

The texture of a cake made with instant pudding is lighter and silky. When you use cook-and-serve pudding, however, you can expect a hefty, lumpy, and dense cake.

Which is better?

It’s all a matter of personal taste. If you’re short on time, instant pudding is the way to go. Cook-and-serve pudding is the way to go if you have a lot of time on your hands and don’t want to sacrifice flavor or texture.

What can I use instead of instant pudding?

Bird’s Custard Powder with Sugar, Homemade vanilla pudding mix, and homemade vanilla pudding mix are all good alternatives to instant pudding.

You may make the cake even richer by substituting coconut milk for the water in the recipe. The completed baked product has a richness and a little sweet and nutty flavor thanks to the coconut milk.

How to use pudding in a cake recipe?


To prepare a cake, you can use both cook-and-serve and quick pudding mixes. Both of these options are excellent choices for flavor and moisture in your cake.

The problem is that a cake made using pudding mix has a little solid structure, which prevents add-ins like almonds from sinking to the bottom of the cake.

Furthermore, a stiffer sponge is easier to cut and embellish. Last but not least, the pudding mix extends the life of the cake.


It couldn’t be simpler if you’re using a boxed cake mix. All you have to do now is combine the pudding and dry cake mixes before adding the liquid components.

If you prefer to prepare your cake batter from scratch, combine the pudding mix with the flour and follow the recipe’s instructions.


The flavor of the cake is enhanced by using flavored pudding mixes. Adding chocolate pudding mix to a chocolate cake, for example, will make it more flavorful and moist.

Likewise, banana pudding goes well with banana cake, and lemon pudding goes well with lemon or citrus-flavored cake.

Choose vanilla pudding if you don’t want to change the flavor but want to improve the texture. While adding the mixture to your cake, vanilla pudding keeps things balanced.

Using pudding mixes, you can boost the results of moist-serving cakes like Bundt cakes, fruitcakes, and rich chocolate or vanilla cakes.

You may also use pudding mixes to make quick bread like pumpkin, banana, or lemon bread.

One exception is firm and slightly dry pound cakes and ultra-light air angel food cakes, which should not be made using pudding mix.


If you don’t keep your cake properly, it will ultimately dry up, no matter how moist it is. You should keep the cake at room temperature unless it has perishable icing prepared with dairy components.

The cakes become stale or dry in the fridge because of the cold, dry air. As a result, the best option is to wrap the cake in plastic wrap and store it at room temperature for 2 days. The cake can also be frozen for longer storage.


In this short guide, we answered the question “ can you substitute cook and serve pudding for an instant in a recipe?” with an in-depth analysis of pudding. Also, we discussed Instant pudding vs cook-and-serve and which is better.


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