Does cinnamon attract roaches?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question” Does cinnamon attract roaches?” with an in-depth analysis of natural substances to get rid of roaches.

Does cinnamon attract roaches?

No, cinnamon does not attract roaches. Cinnamon is a popular spice. Many people are using cinnamon sticks in their coffee. Cinnamon is used to repell ants and other insects. However, if you have an issue with roaches, you should not use cinnamon.


What bugs does cinnamon attract?

If we use roach bait traps properly they are very effective. Roaches are delighted with sweet-smelling substances such as sugar, honey, molasses, vinegar, and citrus fruits. 

Sweet-smelling substances are placed around the house where roaches are likely to set foot. Once the roaches are attracted into the trap, they are unable to get back out and die.

Cinnamon is effective in repelling:

  • Ants
  • Mosquitoes 
  • Wasps
  • Earwigs
  • Bedbugs
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Flies 
  • Mice
  • Fruit Flies



As a reward, cinnamon is efficient at killing mosquito eggs. Garbage, decomposing wood, and abandoned tires are all favorable places for mosquitoes to breed. If you have a crater that is filled with water, sprinkle some cinnamon powder about your home.

Fruit Flies:

Cinnamon is a highly efficient repulsive for both house and fruit flies. When baking use the cinnamon spray to keep flies away from the cinnamon powder.


Cinnamon has been shown to deter spiders. You may beat off creepy crawlies by zooming them with a mixture of cinnamon essential oil and water. Make sure to spread the cinnamon powder around your home to spiders from constructing webs.


Cinnamon has been shown to keep bedbugs away. The cinnamon essential oil can be used to deter bed bugs from infesting your home. To form a paste, water and five to seven drops of cinnamon oil should be combined. Before using the sprayer, give it a good agitation for 10-15 seconds.


Natural substances to get rid of roaches

Roach infestation is a common problem in homes. The reason for roach infestation is the presence of cockroaches in the house. Cockroaches are very harmful insects because they contain many diseases. These diseases can spread immediately. Cockroaches feed on dead animals and human waste that are outside or inside of the house. That is the reason why they are attracted to places where humans live.

A better way to prevent these pests from entering your home, you can use natural products to kill them.

There are some effective methods to get rid of roach infestations. 

  • Use Boric Acid Powder 
  • The boric acid powder is a considerable method to get rid of roach infestations. 
  • Mix the boric acid powder with water and sprinkle it around the sidewall.
  • Clean the area after spraying it.


Eucalyptus is a tree native to Australia. It was introduced into other parts of the world in the 19th century and due to its medicinal properties, it became very popular in the world. It is used to handle respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, asthma, and colds. It is also used to lighten pain from arthritis and rheumatism. Another use of eucalyptus as a natural insecticide.


Lavender is a member of the mint family and is indigenous to Europe and Asia. It was launched in North America during the 19th century. Lavender is used in different ways from culinary uses to aromatherapy. It is used for flavoring food and lavender is also used in perfumes, cosmetics, and many cleaning products.


What smells are roaches most attracted to?

Spiders love sweet scents such as vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon. Spiders also love floral scents like roses, lilacs, and jasmine. Spiders hate spicy scents like peppermint and garlic.

Do mosquitoes like the smell of cinnamon?

Because the sweet smell of the spice cinnamon attracts ants. The sweetness of cinnamon is loved by ants and they are attracted to it. Cinnamon is used in many dishes and it is commonly used in baking. It is used in cookies, muffins, bread, pies, cakes, and other desserts. We also use cinnamon to add to tea and coffee.

Is there any scientific evidence to support the use of cinnamon to get rid of cockroaches?

When mixed with cinnamon’s a strong aroma, roaches are delivered into a state of complete disorientation. Therefore roaches avoid regions that smell like cinnamon. luring roaches, the intense perfume of cinnamon deters them from entering. Mizzle it in your cabinets and windows, and in the corners of your kitchen, to kill disease-causing roaches that transmit infections.

Here, you can find more about cinnamon.


In this brief guide, we answered the question” Does cinnamon attract roaches?” with an in-depth analysis of natural substances to get rid of roaches.


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