Does cream of tartar expire?

In this short guide, we’ll address the topic “Does cream of tartar expire?” with a detailed study of whether the cream of tartar expires or not. Moreover, we are going to discuss how long tartar cream lasts. 

Does cream of tartar expire?

Yes, if the cream of tartar is wet or under direct light, it will go bad. Cream of tartar can be stored for a long time if it is kept in a dry, dark place away from light and moisture.

Cream of tartar is a powdery version of tartaric acid, a chemical used in the production of wine. It’s employed because of its acidic properties and long shelf life.

How long does tartar cream last?

Cream of tartar can theoretically last eternally if kept away from light, air, and moisture. However, very few meals last indefinitely. Cream of tartar has a 5-year shelf life to be safe.

Just remember to firmly return the lid to the jar when you’re finished using it. Also, should you need to take some of this powder for a recipe, use a clean spoon.

Signs that your cream of tartar isn’t working

The most common way for the cream of tartar to rot and spoil before its expiration date is to neglect to replace the lid after each usage.

Hard clumps: 

If the powder is left in one place for too long, it hardens and solidifies. Throw away the jar if you see clumps of tartar that won’t separate until you press hard on them with your finger. The clumps indicate that the powder contains moisture and that its ingredients are no longer effective.

The egg whites still are runny and won’t whip up:

Cream of tartar stabilize egg whites, preventing them from reverting to watery eggs after being stiffened in a smoothie or mixer. If the egg whites are unable to keep hard, the lime powder is poor.

Baked goods will not rise as high: 

Cream of tartar aids in the rise and fluffiness of baked goods, particularly those containing yeast. If your bread and cakes aren’t rising to the height you anticipate, it’s likely because your cream of tartar is past its prime.

What’s the Best Substitute for Cream of Tartar?

If you notice that the cream of tartar in your cupboard is past its prime, you may need to replace it. Cream of tartar can be replaced with a variety of items found in your kitchen. Baking powder and lemon juice are the two more popular and effective cream of tartar alternatives.

Baking soda and powder

For cream of tartar replacement, baking powder is your best bet. When a recipe calls for sour cream, it will also call for baking powder. So, if you don’t have the cream of tartar on hand, simply double the amount of baking powder called for in the recipe.

Although the baking powder is stronger than the cream of tartar, double the quantity of baking powder works. If the baking powder is old and expired, this approach will not work. Check all of the expiry dates on the items you’re about to use before you start cooking a big meal or baking some complex pastries.

Juice of a lemon

Despite the fact that lemon juice and baking powder are diametrically opposed, they have the same pH. Lemon juice, like cream of tartar, is extremely acidic, therefore it will help to increase the baking powder already present in the mix.

However, you should not use the jar of lemon balm found in many supermarkets when using lemon juice. It comes in a plastic jug, but it’s not lemon juice. Squeezing a lemon zest and collecting all of the liquids is the best way to get lemon juice.

How to keep tartar cream fresh

Cream of tartar is an underappreciated but crucial ingredient, as it keeps egg whites from collapsing after a few minutes. It also aids the rising of yeast in baked foods.

Baked items, as you can see, require cream of tartar. However, these items are not prepared on a regular basis. As a result, a storage room for this powder is required to prevent contamination from light, air, moisture, or bacteria.

When you get home from the grocery shop, put the cream of tartar jar in the spice rack with the rest of your spices. When it comes to storing cream of tartar, there isn’t much to do.

Cream of tartar should be kept inside the back of the closet. Every time you open the cupboard, you don’t want to expose it to light. This powder will decay faster if it is kept in the front of the cupboard. The powder’s effectiveness can be harmed by exposure to light.


In this short guide, we’ll address the topic “Does cream of tartar expire?” with a detailed study of whether the cream of tartar expires or not. Moreover, we discussed how long tartar cream lasts. 


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