How do you reset a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “how do you reset a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher?” with an in-depth analysis of how you can reset a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher. Moreover, we are going to discuss how to do a select cycle reset. 

How do you reset a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher?

Press the heated dry button first, then the normal wash button, then the heated dry button again, and then the normal wash button to reset the Kenmore Elite Dishwasher. The dishwasher will be reset if the buttons are pressed in a specific order.

The hot dry reset and the outer button reset are the two main reset options.

If the preceding Heated Dry technique does not work, you can try the hard reset, choose cycle reset, outer button reset, and pots and pans reset.

As a final resort, press any three buttons in succession, then repeat the process two more times.

How to do a select cycle reset?

If your Kenmore has a heated dry button but only a select cycle button instead of a typical wash button, you can reset the select cycle. One model that resets in this manner is the Kenmore 13802. You’ll click a specific set of three buttons three times in a row, then hit the fourth button to officially start the reset process.

Select cycle, options, and hot dry from the drop-down menu. Select cycle, options, and hot dry again. Select cycle, options, and hot dry a third time. All of the lights should now be turned on, and you can press cancel/drain to start the short test cycle.

Make sure you push each button one after the other without hesitating for more than a second. For the test cycle to begin, double-check that the dishwasher is closed and fastened.

How can you reset the pots and pans?

If the heated dry and normal wash sequences didn’t work, try the pots and pans reset instead. There should be four cycle options available to you. Start with pots and pans, then move on to normal and one-hour wash. 

This procedure should be repeated two more times.

When the door is closed and fastened, all of the lights should turn on, and a short cycle will begin.

How to reset the outer button?

If your Kenmore dishwasher doesn’t offer a heated dry option, it’s likely that it just has three buttons.

To reset this Kenmore dishwasher, push and hold the two outside buttons at the same time for three seconds. The dishwasher should then be closed and latched, and the short test cycle should begin.

If none of the above techniques work, try pressing any three buttons in a row three times, similar to how the pots and pans are reset, but with any three buttons side by side. This could result in a reset.

Viewing Kenmore Elite Diagnostic Codes

Kenmore Elite Diagnostic Codes can be viewed here.

If you have a Kenmore Elite dishwasher, hitting any three buttons three times in a row does more than just reset it. 

You’ll also be able to see diagnostic codes, which will aid you in determining the underlying cause of the problem.

Close and reopen the dishwasher door after completing the three-button process. A diagnostic error code will now appear on the LED. It will display another diagnostic code if you close and open the door again. 

This process of opening and closing the door can be repeated until all applicable error codes are displayed.

Troubleshooting Other Dishwasher Issues

For the Kenmore Elite dishwasher, there are over 20 diagnostic codes, and not all of them correspond to issues that may be resolved with a simple reset. You can hope for a reset to fix electrical problems, but it won’t fix a clogged drain or a broken door seal. 

If you’re still having troubles with your Kenmore dishwasher after completing a reset, try some of the other frequent fixes for the problem.

To avoid electric shock, unplug the dishwasher before continuing your examination.

Then look at the equipment and pieces that appear to be broken. Check for filthy filters and clogged drains, for example, if the dishwasher won’t drain. If the dishes aren’t getting clean, check that the spraying arms are in good working order. 

Dishwashers have some very simple do-it-yourself fixes, and with a little study, you can purchase and replace damaged Kenmore Elite dishwasher components on your own.

Replacement parts are usually less expensive than purchasing a new dishwasher.

When compared to the expense of a new dishwasher, even having a professional come to your home to check and repair your dishwasher is cost-saving. Dishwashers are an investment in your home and lifestyle, so it’s important to keep them in good working order. 

Don’t be scared by a broken dishwasher when the remedy could be one of the above-mentioned simple resets. Even if they don’t work, assistance is only a phone call away.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “how do you reset a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher?” with an in-depth analysis of how you can reset a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher. Moreover, we discussed how to do a select cycle reset. 


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