How do you ripen strawberries? 

In this brief guide, we will answer the question “How do you ripen strawberries?” with an in-depth analysis of the effects of eating unripe strawberries. Moreover, we will also discuss different methods to ripen your strawberries.

How do you ripen strawberries? 

Strawberries are best ripened by spreading them out and putting them in an open tray for about 7 to 8 days. Unripe strawberries will ripen naturally without becoming overripe with this method in a few days.

What is the easiest way to ripe strawberries? 

  • The first step is to remove your unripe strawberries from their containers and spread them out on a dish or baking sheet, depending on how many you have. Do not wash or trim the tops off.
  • Place your unripe strawberries in such a way so that they don’t touch, then put them somewhere to rest.
  • It takes a few days for unripe strawberries to ripen, so be patient.
  • Keep your eyes open for them. They can go from ripe to brown or rotting in a matter of days.
  • You can either freeze them or wash and eat them once they’re mature.
  • You may also cut them up and keep them in a bowl with little sugar sprinkled on top.

How long does a green strawberry take to turn red on a plant? 

Unripe strawberries begin to ripen in almost four to five weeks after the initial blossoms open, and they keep ripening for another three weeks.

What are different ways to ripen your strawberries? 

Brown paper bag 

Unripe fruit can be placed in a brown paper bag and sealed to speed up the ripening process. Ethylene, a hormone known as the fruit ripens is released as a gas, in the brown paper bag. The fruit is encased in the bag, which traps the ethylene while enabling air to reach it. It will eventually ripen your strawberries and they will turn from green to red. 

Plastic bag 

Plastic bags trap moisture, causing the fruit to perish before it has a chance to fully develop. What if you don’t have any paper bags? To achieve the same effect, wrap the strawberries loosely in a newspaper.

Can you ripe strawberries on the counter? 

Strawberries will not ripen on the counter since the ripening process stops after they are harvested. Strawberries are a non-climacteric fruit, which means they cease ripening once they are harvested and picked. Don’t panic if you just bought some strawberries that aren’t completely ripe yet.

Can you ripe strawberries in the refrigerator?

Yes, it may ripen but not much. Fruit and vegetables can be stored in the fridge once they are ripe, but it is best to keep them separate in the fridge because ethylene gas will continue to ripen the fruit. Due to the ethylene gas, a tiny number of strawberries may ripen somewhat.

Why won’t your strawberries be ripe? 

Excessive wetness and warm, humid conditions are to blame. Because strawberry plants are small, it’s simple for water to spray dirt on them, contaminating them, and for them to become wet and stay damp. Planting your strawberries with plenty of space between them is one way to avoid unripe strawberries in the future. 

How can you use unripe strawberries? 

If your strawberries are unripe then you can still use them. Following are the things that you can do with your unripe strawberries. 

  • Make smoothies using unripe strawberries
  • Blend or use them in a soup
  • Use them in different drinks
  • Roast your unripe strawberries 
  • You can make popsicles from unripe strawberries 
  • Use them to make strawberry syrup

How can you make unripe strawberries taste better?

To make your unripe strawberries taste better, toss them in sugar or maple syrup together with little fresh juice. This will make your unripe strawberries taste better than before. 

What are the signs of ripe strawberries? 

Following are the signs of fully ripe strawberries


Ripen strawberries have a hard and firm texture. They are quite firmer than unripe strawberries. 


Fully ripened strawberries have bright red color, on the other hand, unripe strawberries are green in color. The leaves on ripe strawberries have a bright green color. 

What happens if you eat unripe strawberries? 

Vitamin C, in particular, is abundant in strawberries. The berry can be deadly if eaten before it is fully mature when the husk is a bright red color. This is due to the fact that when the fruit is unripe, it contains high levels of solanine, a poison that can induce gastrointestinal problems if swallowed.


In this brief guide, we will answer the question “How do you ripen strawberries?” with an in-depth analysis of the effects of eating unripe strawberries. Moreover, we will also discuss different methods to ripen your strawberries.


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