How long does it take to freeze rice to kill bugs?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question” how long does it take to freeze rice to kill bugs?” with an in-depth analysis of the freezing time of rice. Moreover, we are going to highlight the best ways to prevent bugs from infesting rice.

How long does it take to freeze rice to kill bugs?

To kill bugs, freeze rice for approximately 4 days. Adult bugs and their eggs will kill in this way. If you freeze your bag of rice for 4 days and then leave it outside for some time. The eggs which were not killed could reproduce and damage rice. All the larvae and eggs are killed by freezing the rice for 4 days, and the infestation will be stopped.

What are rice bugs:

Rice bugs are insects that infect rice crops by inserting their mouthparts into the developing organs of the crop and stopping the growth of plants.

Rice bugs are not unsafe to people however they can destroy rice crops whenever they are left in rice crops. These bugs feed on the roots of rice plants, stopping the development of plants, or sometimes death of plants occurs.

To prevent the rice from bugs, follow some steps:

  • Avoid direct sunlight for rice crops
  • Keep them in sealed containers
  • First, wash them and then use them
  • Don’t ever keep them in plastic bags
  • Use clean dishes to serve rice
  • Clean them and keep them in water for 20-30 minutes before cooking
  • Keep the lid on when they are cooked, never keep them uncovered.
  • Only wash them if you are ready to eat, don’t wash them if you don’t want to cook
  • Wash your hands after cleaning them
  • When you put rice in water, avoid keeping it for a long period.
  • Storing them for more than 3 months is harmful

Ways to prevent bugs:

There are different ways to prevent bugs from infecting rice:

Using bay or neem leaves: 

Bay leaves:

To flavor soups, stews, and sauces, we use bay leaves. Bay leaves are accessible all year. When bay leaves are fresh, they are sold in bundles and when they are dried then they are sold individually. You can find dried bay leaves in the stores or supermarkets from where you buy groceries.

For rice:

Using bay leaves is the best method to keep bugs away from rice. The fragrance of the bay leaves goes about as a repellent against rice weevils. Place a few bay leaves in the storeroom where rice and different grains, nuts, or seeds are kept. On the other hand, stuff the socks with certain bay leaves and put the sock where rice is stored. These leaves are regularly used in recipes and used to make food spicy.

Use of cloves:

If you are living alone and facing this problem for the very first time, then using cloves is a great idea. Cloves are generally accessible and will fight against the bugs and will keep you away from their invasion. You can sprinkle a few cloves around your cabinet racks and storage room region to prevent bugs.

Use of matchboxes:

Matchboxes contain Sulfur which rice bugs and weevils don’t like. Sounds strange however it is an extraordinary method for repulsing weevils as matchboxes contain sulfur and sulfur isn’t enjoyed by weevils. Keep the matchbox open close to the grains and weevils won’t be seen somewhere around there. You may likewise keep little packs of black pepper in your storage rooms.


The grains which are infected keep them in sunlight: if a large amount of flour has been infected by insects like weevils or bugs, simply keep it in the sunlight. Direct sunlight will them away as these bugs would rather avoid the sunlight and will search for a dull and soggy spot. Keep the infected rice in the daylight for a day and the bugs will go away.

The best way to kill bugs:

Oxygen-free containers:

When you keep rice in airtight containers, it will kill bugs, bug eggs, and pupae within 2 weeks, and it’s quicker than freezing. Keeping rice in oxygen-free containers will increase the shelf life of rice. Shelf life can be 30 plus years.

By storing rice in containers, two other problems occur. This will happen because in containers there is no light and oxygen. Store your rice in a place that is dry and cool. When you keep them in containers the moisture of rice should not be less than 10 %, in this way you will solve the problem of moisture.

Here, you can find out what damages occur by an infestation of bugs.


In this brief guide, we answered the question” How long to freeze rice to kill bugs? With an in-depth analysis of the freezing time of rice. Moreover, we discussed the best ways to prevent bugs.


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