How long does it take to pass a dental crown after swallowing?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question” How long does it take to pass a dental crown after swallowing? With an in-depth analysis of some guiding tips to follow after swallowing the crown.

How long does it take to pass a dental crown after swallowing?

Digestion of a dental crown takes a long time, so if you have just swallowed a crown it is probably lodged in your upper digestive tract. Before moving down the line towards its inevitable departure from your bowels, it will stay in the digestive tract soaking in your stomach acid for about 12 hours. 

This whole procedure usually takes a couple of days. But it depends on the condition of your intestines and the amount of blockage you may have in your intestines, it can take even several weeks sometimes.

To know for sure where the crown is lodged, the most important thing you should do is to get to an x-ray machine as quickly as possible and get an x-ray taken of your intestines. By examining, a medical doctor can tell you what needs to be done, if the crown is safe and it will pass through the intestines without problem, or if it needs to be surgically removed. A crown rarely causes any sorts of problems at all, so usually, this is what happens.

What steps should you take if you have accidentally swallowed a dental crown?


A crown should pass through easily:

When you swallowed your crown, even with its post still attached, there would present a small lump in your throat. The crown and cap will pass through your stomach undigested. After passing through the stomach, they enter your small intestine. A small intestine is about 2 inches wide, then they proceed into your large intestine. The large intestine is 3-4 inches wide. It can pass some surprisingly large objects if need be.

Dental crowns are not only used for a beautiful smile. If they’re present on a back tooth. Dental crowns provide a surface with which to chew food, which is an important daily function. Unfortunately, dental crowns are expensive, so if you lose them it would be a major pain.

Be patient, as it may take some time:

If you feel that there are chances of your crown passing through you without a hitch then this is good for you. You should be patient about it. Small and large intestines together are roughly 25 feet long. As your food takes 12-24 hours to reach your large intestine, it could take your crown as much as a week, maybe more.

Inform your dentist immediately:

Upon swallowing your dental crown, notify your dentist. If the risk to your health is less, it is recommended to ask your dentist for a dental x-ray. This will remove any doubt about the location and status of the swallowed crown. 

Crowns don’t come cheap. This means you should try to retrieve your lost crown rather than pay for another one. To search thoroughly after each trip to the toilet, use gloves, a hose, and a sieve or bucket. Sterilize your crown in 3 parts of water. Wash it with 1 part bleach before taking it to your dentist. When you have done sterilizing, your dentist will then sterilize it once more and place it back where it belongs.


Regurgitation of Contents of Stomach:

If you swallow something that your stomach can hardly digest, such as a piece of metal or any indigestible object, it could get stuck in your throat and block off your windpipe. This can lead to choking and if not treated immediately, it can even cause death. The contents of your stomach take about two hours to reach your intestines. After the food reaches your intestines, your body takes about four days to break down the food completely.

Notify your dentist immediately after discovering the problem:

If you swallow something sharp, then you should immediately rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water. Do not ever try to remove the object yourself. Contact your doctor right away. Bacteria are the reason for bad breath in the mouth. It takes approximately two weeks for the body to eliminate these bacteria. However, to reduce the odor you should brush your teeth twice daily and floss once a day.

Please be patient during the whole process:

Crown takes about 3 weeks to fully heal. During this period, the gum tissue will begin to heal. This tissue surrounds the crown. You should not touch the crown while it is healing because it could irritate the gums.

Here, you can find information about the ingestion of foreign objects and tips to follow after swallowing them.


In this brief guide, we answered the question” How long does it take to pass a dental crown after swallowing?” with an in-depth analysis of some guiding tips to follow after swallowing the crown.


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