How to get rid of the yeast taste in bread?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question” How to get rid of the yeast taste in bread?” with an in-depth analysis of different methods to prevent yeast taste in bread. Moreover, we are going to highlight the tips to prevent yeast taste.

How to get rid of the yeast taste in bread?

You can get rid of yeast by decreasing the amount of yeast combined with long bulk fermentation. You can also get rid of the yeast taste in bread by avoiding adding yeast altogether.

What is yeast?

Yeast is a microorganism that is made up of a single cell. It is used as a fermenting agent to raise bread dough. It is also used in the brewing industry and baking. Some people don’t like the taste of yeast in bread. 

There are some methods by which you can get rid of the yeast taste.

Steps of removing yeast taste:

  • Take approximately 2 cups of warm water and add ¼ baking soda to it
  • Add vinegar to this mixture and stir well
  • If you have prepared bread dough, add the mixture to it and let stand for 10 minutes
  • After this knead the soft until it becomes soft
  • Let rise again and bake it.

There are also some other methods to get rid of yeast taste.


A starter is a mixture of water and flour. This mixture adds flavor, texture and raises the bread. If you are making sourdough bread, the thick batter scares you off due to the lack of experience. For this reason, you have to feed it regularly. You have to feed your sourdough starter to maintain its activity levels and also to keep it in suitable conditions to raise bread. 

Some people feed their starter regularly, daily, or weekly. It takes you only 5 minutes. 

Starter develops its wild yeast and naturally rises dough. Stater takes a longer time due to the extended rising times of dough.


Pre-ferment is something you mix before making your dough. These are called poolish, sponge, or biga. It contains water, flour, and a small amount of yeast. Through this, you will make better bread.

Don’t use too much yeast. All the ingredients are mixed. Before combining into dough they are left to work for multiple hours. They add flavor and texture to your bread.

Reasons for yeasty flavor:

If the bread has a yeasty flavor, it is because of two reasons:

  • Addition of too much yeast to the dough
  • If you have risen it too quickly.
  • Addition of yeast during the kneading process. This is done for the development of gluten, which helps to strengthen the dough structure.
  • If you add yeast too early before the kneading process, then it results in the yeasty flavor

You can eliminate the yeast taste by avoiding the addition of too much yeast with long bulk fermentation. Long bulk fermentation helps you in breaking down bad flavors of dough into good flavors. After enough time, it will get rid of the unpleasant yeast flavor.

Tips to prevent yeast taste in bread:

  • Prevent letting dough for a very long time. This allows the increased production of yeast and then carbon dioxide
  • If you are baking bread in a regular oven. Then turn off the heat after 5 minutes. It will cool down the bread, which helps in reducing the production of  yeast and carbon dioxide
  • If you are making bread in a bread machine, after mixing, immediately remove the dough from the machine. It will prevent the multiplication of yeast and it will also prevent the bread from tasting like yeast.
  • If you are preparing sourdough bread, mix the starter. It is the liquid that is used to start the bread with the dry ingredients. It will decrease the growth of yeast.
  • Don’t speed up the rise of your dough too much
  • To improve the dough, leave it in a warm place.
  • Use a greater amount of sugar in your recipe. Sugar slows down the process of fermentation, hence preventing the bread from tasting like yeast.

Why does homemade bread taste yeasty?

Bread contains gluten in it. Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat flour. Gluten gives the bread a texture and elasticity. When the bread is baking, it holds the bubbles in place. 

Yeast is a living microorganism that feeds on sugar glucose and as result alcohol and carbon dioxide are produced. As the multiplication of yeast occurs, it will release carbon dioxide into your dough. Carbon dioxide makes dough light and fluffy. In this way, the bread will taste yeasty.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question” How to get rid of the yeast taste in bread?” with an in-depth analysis of methods of getting rid of yeast taste in bread. Moreover, we discussed the tips to prevent yeast flavor.


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