How to protect strawberries from slugs? 

In this brief guide, we will answer the question “how to protect strawberries from slugs?” with an in-depth analysis of various ways to protect strawberries from slugs. Moreover, we will also discuss how slugs ruin the strawberries and how to eradicate slugs. 

How to protect strawberries from slugs? 

You can protect your strawberries by using netting with 2cm (3/4′′) openings that will allow beneficial insects to pollinate the blooms while keeping pests at bay. To prevent slugs from stealing your strawberries, utilize several measures such as bear traps and manually picking them off at sunset. 

What are the various ways to get rid of slugs from strawberry plants? 

Following are the various ways to protect strawberries from slugs:

  • An organic solution is to grow slug-resistant plants around the strawberries to avoid slugs such as bamboo and sweet woodruff plants. 
  • Avoid watering strawberries at dusk, as the slugs enjoy a damp environment. 
  • Slugs can be prevented by putting up barriers around the strawberry plants by using copper strips
  •  Sprinkle slug repellents on boundaries in a dried form such as wood ash and diatomaceous earth. These repellents will cause irritation on the skin of slugs. 

What organic methods can be used to protect strawberry plants? 

When it comes to safeguarding strawberries from slugs and other pests, go for organic pest control measures. Hot pepper spray, rotten eggs, blood meal, castor oil, orange peels, and human hair are all-organic ways to keep pests away from strawberries.

How do slugs ruin the strawberries? 

Slugs are pests that ripe strawberry fruit, causing havoc on the strawberries by poking holes in them. The strawberry fruit becomes inedible and defective as a result of these big holes. Moreover, these pests encourage other pests to attack strawberries such as beetles. 

How to stop slugs from eating strawberries?

To keep slugs away, add a layer of premium compost as a ground mulch to keep weeds at bay and create an open, weed-free layer. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth at the roots of the strawberry plants. Use Sluggo, a good slug killer that is organically approved.

Is it necessary to cover strawberry plants? 

Before being covered with straw, strawberry plants need to be exposed to some cold. In the winter, covering strawberry plants with straw preserves the crowns from the weather. When the temperature warms up, uncover the plants so they don’t grow in straw. 

Can caterpillars damage the strawberry plants? 

If you notice little caterpillars around your strawberry plants in the spring, you’re probably dealing with leafrollers. But there is nothing to be worried about in many cases, these garden pests are only irritating, not dangerous. 

What type of caterpillar can eat strawberries? 

The caterpillar that is often known as the tomato fruitworm or bollworm, consumes corn plants but eats over 100 various plants including strawberries. Strawberry plants are also eaten by garden webworms.

What are some DIY hacks to avoid slugs? 

Some DIY hacks that can help to avoid slugs are mentioned below:

  • Slugs are repelled by using eggshells and nutshells in the garden.
  • Simply break apart the shells and use them as a barrier around your strawberry plants.
  • If your strawberry plants are potted, putting petroleum jelly on the pots will make it more difficult for slugs to get to them.
  • A bird feeder can be placed in your garden since slugs are preyed upon by birds.

Does commercial slug killer work? 

Commercial slug killers with iron phosphate or ferric sodium are slug killers that claim to be safe to use around children and pets. These products work by restricting the slug from eating anymore, resulting in the slug’s death.

Are coffee grounds effective in keeping slugs far from strawberries?

Coffee grounds have been certified by the USDA to keep slugs away from strawberries. Slugs are repelled from strawberry crops by using coffee grounds and treatments containing caffeine.

Is there any natural slug repellent? 

Because of the high quantities of sodium in seaweed, it acts as a natural slug repellent. Seaweed is also a great type of compost to apply to the soil. Certain herbs, such as wormwood and rosemary, have also been shown to be effective natural slug repellents.

Why are slugs considered bad for strawberry plants? 

Strawberry leaves are eaten by slugs, which make holes in the fruit. Farmers that grow strawberry harvests face a typical difficulty because of such pests. It can often affect the production of strawberries. 


In this brief guide, we answered the question”how to protect strawberries from slugs?” with an in-depth analysis of various ways to protect strawberries from slugs. Moreover, we discussed how slugs can ruin the strawberries and how to eradicate slugs. 


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