How to reheat soup in an instant pot? 

In this article, we are going to answer the question “How to reheat soup in an instant pot?” with an in-depth analysis of how you can reheat soup in an instant pot. Moreover, we are going to discuss how you can slowly reheat soup in an instant pot. 

How to reheat soup in an instant pot? 

First and foremost, the leftover soup must be stored in the insert pot. After covering it with a silicone lid or plastic wrap, place it in the fridge. Remove this top and place the insert into the instant pot before reheating.

Turn on the “Keep warm” function to slowly reheat the soup. Press the Manual/Pressure Cook button, then set the cooking time to 0 minutes for faster warming. This will immediately raise the soup to a boil and then keep it warm in the “Keep warm” mode.

How to slowly reheat soup in an instant pot?

Regardless of the type of soup you have, you can apply this procedure. This is because carefully heating your soup preserves the flavor of the broth while also preventing carbohydrates such as noodles and potatoes from burning.

Here’s how to slowly reheat your soup:

  • Pour in your soup after opening the cover.
  • To keep warm, press the “Keep Warm” button.
  • Allow the soup to warm up in the Instant Pot.

Your soup will not come to a rumbling boil as a result of this. Rather, it will gradually raise its temperature until it is safe to eat. When you’re ready, it’ll be ready!

Is it possible to use an instant pot on a stovetop?

Some videos on the internet claim that you can simply remove the interior of your Instant Pot and place it on the stove like any other pot. This is both unsafe and ineffective.

  • The interior of the Instant Pot has been engineered to operate with the heating system. It will melt if you place it directly over an open flame or an electric burner.
  • The strong heat from your Instant Pot on the burner may cause chemicals to seep into your meal. It’ll most likely be safe to consume, but we can’t comment on the flavor.
  • If the high heat wraps or bends your pot, it will not “click” into the Instant Pot, rendering it useless.

The instant pot’s size is important

Remember that warming 1 portion of cold soup takes less time than reheating a full turkey or chicken entrée. When your friends and relatives tell you that they can reheat their meals in an instant pot in 10 minutes or less, remember that they are most likely not eating the same meal as you.

Here are some examples of items that can be heated in an instant pot:

  • It takes 1 minute to prepare a modest serving of soup and sauce.
  • It will take 6 minutes to cook frozen pasta in an instant pot.
  • A frozen pasta dish prepared in an instant pot can take up to 26 minutes.
  • It can take up to 30 minutes to cook a completely frozen chicken with vegetables.
  • In the instant pot, a frozen vegetable curry dish takes only 2 minutes to prepare.
  • Cooking a frozen vegetable curry dish in an instant pot can take up to 20 minutes.
  • The size of the serving is the most important factor.

In the instant pot, reheat freezer meals

Here are some easy instructions for using the Instant Pot to reheat frozen meals. To begin, here’s how to reheat frozen meals in hot glass-bottom containers:

  • Remove the plastic cover container from your frozen freezer meal and take it out of the freezer.
  • Fill the inner pot of the InstantPot with a cup of cold water.
  • Place the glass container on top of the steamer shelf of your Instant Pot.
  • To thaw your food, place the lid on the Instant Pot and cook on manual pressure for the required time.
  • Manually release pressure and remove the cover when the Instant Pot whistles.
  • To ensure that the dish is completely defrosted in the middle, run a knife through the center.

Check to see if the knife is piping hot by holding it up in your hand.

  • After that, give it a good swirl and serve.

Alternatively, you can reheat straight in the inner pot of the Instant Pot:

  • Remove the frozen freezer meal from the freezer and place it in the Instant Pot inner pot directly from the container.
  • To begin the thawing process, pour a cup of cold water over the frozen food.
  • Place the lid on the Instant Pot and cook for 14 minutes longer than if it had been thawed.
  • Cook on manual pressure with the lid on the Instant Pot and the valve set to sealing.
  • Remove the cover when it beeps and stir the food to ensure it is thoroughly blended and heated.
  • Serve.

Shredded beef in the instant pot

We like shredded beef because it’s one of those recipes that you can make once and then utilize in a variety of meals. It’s the ultimate batch cooking dish because it keeps well and allows you to use less expensive beef cuts. 

As a result, it’s cost-effective and ideal for large families or meal preparation.


In this article, we answered the question “How to reheat soup in an instant pot?” with an in-depth analysis of how you can reheat soup in an instant pot. Moreover, we discussed how you can slowly reheat soup in an instant pot. 


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