How to store cut potatoes?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question” how to know if cheesecake is spoiled?” with an in-depth analysis of long-term and short-term storage methods for cutting potatoes.

How to store cut potatoes?

Cut potatoes can be stored at room temperature or in the fridge. If you are storing them in the fridge, then store them in water in the fridge for 24 hours. If they are left on a refrigerator shelf or wrapped in foil, they can still get daks overnight. 

After peeling, they can easily turn brown. because the oxidation process happens as the potatoes are naturally starchy vegetables. When potatoes are exposed to oxygen, then starches present in them turn gray, brown, or even black. The oxidation process does not affect the flavor and texture of vegetables, so potatoes are safe to eat. 

Make sure to not leave potatoes outside after cutting them. If you have enough time then peel them and cut them just before cooking. 

Soak cut potatoes in water:

  • If you want to prevent your cut potatoes from turning brown, then soaking them in water is the best method for this. 
  • Completely submerge them in a large bowl of water.
  • Store them in the fridge and take them out when you are ready to use them in cooking.
  • Add some acidic to the water such as vinegar or fresh lemon juice. It will slow the process of oxidation. 

Use of glass baking dish:

Aluminum or metal pans can react with cut potatoes and it can turn them brown. Glass baking dishes and mixing bowls are safe to use for this method. 

Short term storage method:

Step 1:

Fill a glass baking dish or mixing bowl with cold water. Set this bowl near your prep area.

Step 2:

Wash the potatoes with cool water and then scrub them with a vegetable brush. After this peel and cut them in the shape which you want.

Step 3:

Submerge the slice of potatoes in cool water. Water slows down the process of oxidation and prevents potatoes from turning brown. 

Store this bowl in the fridge and take it out when you are ready to use them.

Step 4:

Drain the potatoes in a colander and finish preparing and cooking them. When you place slices of potatoes in the fridge, they last for only a few hours and after this, they start turning brown. Try to use sliced potatoes on the same day when you cut them. 

Long term storage method:

Step 1:

First of all wash and then scrub the potatoes. After this, slice them as you want. 

Step 2:

Fill a large pot with 1 gallon of water. Bring the water to a full boil.

Step 3:

Set a bowl of ice water near the pot. Submerge the potatoes in the boiling water, about a pound at a time, and boil them for three minutes. Transfer the potatoes to the ice water bath 

with a slotted spoon and allow them to cool completely.

Step 4:

Drain the cooled potatoes in a colander. Pat them dry with a clean towel to absorb any excess moisture.

Step 5:

Pack the potato slices in a freezer-safe storage container or bag. Label it with the date and seal it closed. Store the potatoes in the freezer for as long as a year.

Mistakes to avoid while storing cut potatoes:

  • If you have peeled potatoes, then make sure to soak them in water. You can store them in the fridge for 24 hours before cooking or baking.
  • The potatoes which are drained and blanched before freezing can last up to 12 months in the freezer.
  • Don’t try this with finely sliced, diced, or shredded potatoes. They just won’t stand up to an overnight soak, so don’t do it. 
  • The larger the potato pieces, the longer they’ll last in the water. If you’re prepping with smaller pieces, don’t soak for more than 12 or so hours. 
  • This trick is handy, but it’ll only work for about 24 hours — so don’t prep too far in advance.

How Long Can You Leave Potatoes In Water?

Potatoes are easy to prepare and store as long as you remember to keep potatoes soaked for a maximum of 24 hours. That does not mean you leave it longer because it will not have the qualities expected of a potato. Unless it is a mashed potato, you want to bite into it and be able to chew it.

Here, you can find no browning ways to store peeled potatoes.


In this brief guide, we answered the question” How to store cut potatoes? With an in-depth analysis of short and long-term storage methods for cut potatoes. Moreover, we discussed the things which you should avoid during storage.


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