What Indian dishes are dairy-free?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: What Indian dishes are dairy-free? We will discuss the variety of Indian cuisine, and finish with a recipe for dairy-free chicken tikka masala. Moreover, we are going to discuss which Indian dishes do not contain dairy. 

What Indian dishes are dairy-free?

If you are lactose intolerant or vegetarian and want a diversity of flavors, Indian dairy-free recipes are a new alternative. If you’re a vegetarian, you’re definitely aware of how tough it is to find a restaurant that matches your needs. 

Although the number of options for vegetarians has expanded recently, the selection is mainly confined to salads, making it difficult to locate anything richer and more sophisticated.

Start with a delicious vegetarian bread called Naan, which can be baked with garlic, sesame seeds, potatoes, cheese, onion, coriander, or other spices. They’re a fantastic way to get started on your vegetarian culinary journey.

Another wonderful option is the delectable veggie patties or Samosas, which are fairly spicy on the taste and will undoubtedly take you out of your vegetarian comfort zone.

It’s also a good idea to start with Onion Pakora, which are tasty chickpea flour and onion croquettes worth trying. One of the favorites is the Alu Tikki, which are Indian-style croquettes packed with ground potatoes, Garam Masala (Indian spices), and coriander.

You can also sample a variety of unusual main courses, such as the Saag Mushroom, which consists of mushrooms cooked in an Indian-style spinach stew. Very, very wealthy. For the courageous, a Vegetable Jalfrezi: a mixture of fresh mixed veggies cooked with Indian spices and herbs.

The Malai Kofta is another delicious option: fresh veggie meatballs made with grated potato and dairy-free cheese in a light coconut sauce.

If you want to cap your meal with a sweet, choose an original Gajar Halwa, which is a carrot, almond, and cardamom treat. The Choc Brownie, a silky dark chocolate cake with walnuts and chocolate shavings, is an Indian-style brownie.

Which curries are lactose-free, dairy-free, and milk-free?

Bhuna and madras are two of our favorite dairy-free curries (can be made with veg oil or ghee, so check). However, you should check with the restaurant first because some locations use ghee or yogurt.

Which curries have yogurt in them?

Yogurt is commonly used in rogan josh, dopiaza, balti, karahi, and biryani dishes. In addition to yogurt, tandoori chicken is usually marinated in it.

Which curries are allowed to contain ghee?

While all curries can contain ghee (which should be lactose-free), madras, Tenga mitta, dhansak, jalfrezi, and karahi are all likely to contain ghee.

Which Indian dishes do not contain dairy?

Because naan contains dairy, go for a good old chapati instead. Onion ajis are usually OK as well. Pilau rice contains butter, so steamed or cooked rice is preferable.

Curries are an area where I find it difficult to find a reliable choice. My personal favorite is the bhuna, with which I’ve had no issues thus far, but you should phone ahead and double-check or ask the servers.

Because most Thai curries contain coconut milk, they are also completely safe.

Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments section below; it would be nice to gather more perspectives and conversation on this topic.

Is there dairy in chicken tikka masala?

This recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala is dairy-free. If you don’t mind dairy, you may make this recipe precisely the same way, but instead of non-dairy yogurt, use regular plain yogurt, and heavy cream instead of cashew cream.

Is rogan josh dairy-free?

This original dish is gluten-free and dairy-free by nature. Rogan Josh is a Persian meal made with slow-cooked lamb or mutton with aromatic spices. It’s a deep red color that comes from ground chili peppers instead of tomatoes (a Western intervention).

Is tandoori made with dairy?

Is there any dairy in Tandoori Chicken? Tandoori chicken is traditionally cooked with yogurt, so it contains dairy, but this recipe uses no yogurt to make it dairy-free for those who can’t stomach lactose or casein.

Is there dairy in chicken vindaloo?

Chicken Vindaloo is one of my favorite Indian dishes, a classic Goan recipe that is gluten-free and dairy-free and takes only 40 minutes to prepare. In Portuguese, chicken vindaloo means ‘wine, vinegar, and garlic.’ My go-to dinner is chicken vindaloo, which is one of the best Indian curry dishes.

Is coconut milk considered a dairy product?

Coconut milk is lactose-free by nature and isn’t classified as a dairy product because it comes from a plant, not an animal. As a result, coconut milk is suitable for a dairy- or lactose-free diet and is suitable for those who have lactose intolerance or allergy to milk.


In this blog post, we answered the following question: What Indian dishes are dairy-free? We discussed the variety of Indian cuisine and finished with a recipe for dairy-free chicken tikka masala. Moreover, we discussed which Indian dishes do not contain dairy. 


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