What to do if I accidentally froze beer? 

In this brief guide, we will answer the question “what to do if I accidentally froze beer ?” with an in-depth analysis of what you should do if you accidentally froze beer ?. Moreover, we will also discuss the methods to restore your frozen beer.

What can I do if I accidentally freeze beer? 

Accidentally frozen beer can be turned into regular uniformity by numerous methods. The most functional and convenient method is to defrost or thaw frozen beer in the refrigerator. It is effective to defrost your bear using those techniques that will hold on to its texture and taste.

At what temperature does beer freeze? 

The freezing temperature of beer depends on its alcohol content. As all beers do not have the same alcohol percentage so the temperature may vary. A beer containing 5% alcohol freezes at 27°F.

Beers having higher alcohol content freeze at a lower temperature while beers having lower alcohol content in them freezes at higher temperatures. 

How to thaw frozen beer? 

Beer tends to freeze when you place them in the freezer to chill your cans and bottles to enjoy later but then forget about taking them out. 

The process of thawing a frozen beer requires much tolerance because quickly thawing a frozen beer can consequently crack your bottle or erupt your can due to pressure inside your can or bottle.

  • Put the beer in a plastic bag without opening the bottle or can. 
  • Place the frozen beer in a cool place. 
  • Avoid warm and sunny places. 
  • Allow it to defrost naturally 

Defrosting beer takes up to 12-24 hours. The defrosting time of frozen beer often depends on the temperature of the place where it is allowed to defrost. 

What are the effects of thawing on a beer? 

The frozen beer is not ruined but it may lose its savor that precipitates. The nature of freezing is not considered good for the chemicals that are responsible for producing its flavor. After thawing carbonation might be reabsorbed, which in turn makes the flavor of bear flat. 

What are the safety measures to thaw frozen beer? 

Following are the safety precautions you should keep in mind while thawing a frozen beer to avoid any unfavorable conditions:

  • Do not place the glass bottle under hot water or in a warm place because the glass bottle might expand and consequently break into pieces.
  • Try not to shake beer bottles and cans during thawing as it will result in increased pressure inside the can or glass bottle. 

Can beer be ruined after freezing? 

Beer can not be ruined after freezing. Although, it may lose its carbonation. After thawing beer will almost have the same taste as a regular beer. When beer is allowed to defrost the water content and alcohol might get separated, stirring a defrosted beer before drinking will make it taste like a regular beer. 

Additional methods of thawing a frozen beer?

Cold tap water method

Take the cap off and run cold water over your frozen beer until there is liquid in the center. Microwave it at short intervals until it is completely thawed. 

The Fast method 

Pour some warm water into a bowl and place your frozen beer in it. If the bottle is made up of plastic and water is free from any carbonation then it will only aid in the melting of beer. 

What is considered the safest method to thaw frozen beer? 

When you are trying to defrost a frozen beer, it is safest to thaw it inside a refrigerator where it will be at a constant temperature of 40° F or maybe below. Three ways are considered as safest ways to thaw frozen beer: microwave, cold water method, and refrigeration which are already discussed above. 

Does freezing beer make it even stronger? 

The traditional method of making beer stronger is by freezing it. When beer freezes the water content freezes as ice and the residual beer is considered more strong as it has more alcohol proportionality. The beer remains quite rich and smooth in taste. 

Is frozen beer safe to consume? 

Yes, frozen beer is considered safe to consume if it is stored at an optimum temperature. Pure ethanol freezes at – 173° F whereas water freezes at 0°C. The liquid that is generally stored in this range is considered safe to drink. Although it is safe to drink frozen beer, there is a chance that you might have to compromise on the flavor and taste of frozen beer. 


In this brief guide, we have answered the question “what to do if I accidentally froze beer ?” with an in-depth analysis of what you should do if you accidentally froze beer ?. Moreover, we have also discussed the methods to restore your frozen beer.


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